Implant, Cosmetic & Denture Patients

Consistent qualified patient opportunities sent to you daily

Built for your brand and local market.  Guaranteed results. 

That Smiling Dentist. Powered by Dentiza. 

Proven in market for 9+ years.
Generate 40+ new cosmetic & implant case opportunities monthly.

Custom built for your practice & brand

Built from scratch and customized to your practice brand.  Appear everywhere and be different that the practices next door.

No contract or pay per case structure

Exclusivity available within a 10Mile radius.  We do not charge a % for ads or how many cases you close monthly.  

Help staff learn how to grow your practice 

Make your staff better through simple and easy to use training – hands on and video.  Take work off their plates using Ai.

Position yourself as the authority expert

You appear over 500,000+ times monthly across various media sources, YouTube, social and more. Patients know you.

Learn how we increase your hourly chair value

This video explains exactly what we do for you and why That Smiling Dentist works.  Every practice is custom built and set up for your brand to set you apart from the intense competition for patients in your area.

Real results shown over a 30 day period

Guaranteed volume of new patient requests

We guarantee you will see a consistent volume of local, qualified patient requests.  They need services like implants, overdentures, veneers, crowns, bridges & full arch work.  Cases that raise your hourly chair value is key to your growth.

Exclusive to your 10KM radius. Built custom

We do not work with any practices within an immediate radius of your location.  All material is custom built around your brand, culture and local market.
Direct Calls. Patient Call Requests. Text Messages.  Chat.
Patients will call directly once researching your material.  They may prefer a text back or a call to book from the front desk. Chat directly on your site or just simply reply via email.  Your choice.

Be everywhere at all times in your local market

YouTube, major media, major social networks.  You appear everywhere and most importantly your local prospective patients see your brand across different mediums and news authority publications.  This makes you a local celebrity and leads to more patients.

Make your practice the local cosmetic authority

Book your no obligation, free strategy session. 

We build the full end to end digital ecosystem for your practice at a fraction of the cost

All Ad Creation & Content

We create all the custom guides, books, articles & content using words and images that are proven for your brand.

You Own Content

All the content, videos, guides and system are all your own.  One video or article could be worth hundreds of new cases.

No Contracts 

We do not require a contract because we have 9 years of experience generating new patients for practices everywhere.

Video Creation

We create four types of video.  Ads, Initial Reply, FAQ’s and Case Acceptance.  These help you become a local celebrity.

Staff Support & Training

Your staff are fully trained to deal with their new patient inquiries and custom workflows built to save them time.

Patient Lead Forms

Intimate patient answers you couldn’t get from clipboards in office. This allows your staff to lead with empathy.

Everything included one price

All features with no usage or success upsells. 

Everything is included with the New Patient Generator.
  • Patient leads, lead management, dashboards
  • Monthly content, new ad copy & video
  • Local Maps Management, Social & more
  • No pay per case or ad spend.  Flat fee pricing.

Call Tracking & Recording

Review calls and messaging 

Use call recordings to make new and existing staff better.  Understand where your leads are coming from and be smarter in responses.
  • Incoming & outgoing calls recordings.  Optional.
  • Review incoming calls and make new hires better
  • Show examles of good calls during team meetings.

Proven to help your team get better at dealing with objections.

Patient Lead Management

Know your exact pipeline 

No more writing follow ups or patient inquiries on post it notes.  You now have a full patient management system so you know your exact revenue projections based on sales opportunities.
  • Rate leads and move them over easily via mobile or desktop
  • Pull leads from all sources into your practice. Website, Ads
  • Develop different messages via text or email based on stage

Qualified leads turn into reviews

Show targeted reviews to thousands monthly

We have hundreds of stories like this one.  A patient finds your application form and turns into a happy review upon case completion.  We then show this to thousands of local prospective patients in your market monthly.

Build authority in your local market

Automated patient outreach and nurture

We build different automations for your practice based on sales stages.  When a patient lead applies they receive a text with a video explainer right away and a timeframe for a call with the office.
  • Done for you, no work required.
  • Instant callback feature during practice opening hours
  • Email, text all included at no extra charge.

Calendar integrations

Integrate your calendar and get deposits

Have patients book a preferred time and call them back to confirm.  Use this for existing patients who want to review their treatment plans remotely and accept case deposits via Stripe.
  • Fully optional and based on practice requirements.
  • Can be integrated into existing practice software.
  • Accept payments and deposits while you sleep.

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How many patients can I expect monthly?

You can expect 40-60 new patient opportunities every month with an additional 27-35% bump in local Google Map calls direct to your practice. Once your prospective patient sales pipe is built this number will go up. Being consistent is key.

How much do you charge per case?

We do not charge per case. If you do 12 more implants monthly with 7 over dentures - our fee remains flat. We also don't charge based on how much you spend on ads. With over 9 years experience helping Dentists & Denturists grow - we don't need to charge for your growth.

What is included?

All content, ad creation, monthly management, dashboards, features & support are included for one price. We do not sign you to long term contracts. We do recommend you build your sales pipe over 4 months to see the benefits of being in your market 24/7.

How do you help my staff?

We train and work personally with your staff to help them convert more cases from the intimate answers provided by patients when they ask for a consutation. New and existing staff benefit from hearing other practice examples and we build customized workflows that email and text patients for them to educate and inform.