Local Dental Practice Search Engine Optimization

Industry proven results to get your practice on the first page in maps and general search.

Get more new patient clicks and calls vs the practice next door. 

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"Find a dentist near me".
Be one of the practices they call direct.

Share of market voice

Reinforce your brand when people seach in Google or Bing.  Appear in voice searches and Ai requests for information. 

Content Creation

We create all content from scratch.  Articles, videos, social posts and creatives.  We do it all so you rank in the top 10. 

On page optimization

With over 10 years experience ranking practices we know how to  properly structure your site for search visibility. 

Off page optimization

Social links, referring authority sites and proper content sharing are the key to being relevant in your local market search 


See an example of a practice that owns their local search.

We show you why google reviews alone won’t get you more patients. Everyone has good reviews.  This will show you how to set yourself apart from the rest through your local share of voice being more than the rest.  

When people search you are found

Following the right guidelines, making sure your site is optimized, creating content and sharing that content across the right social and news channels – ensures you become a relevant site. This leads to top page search results. 

When patients apply they are sorted

Chat, email forms, text and calls are all directly sorted into a dashboard so you can track, measure and reply all from one place.  No more excel spreadsheets and post it notes that give you headaches and make you lose track of your patient opportunities.  Stop losing money at the front desk. 

When patients see you they call you

When you appear in search the way these practices do, you naturally receive more calls.  Track daily metrics and ensure you are getting more calls directly into the practice.  Stop losing revenue in local maps search and convert more patient eyeballs to appointments. 

When you track live data you get better

We track targeted locations down to the mile (or kilometre).  This ensures the patients who are around you – find you.  Not patients who are a 45 minute drive away and cancel.

Your listing score is like your credit score

Your listings determine whether to be trusted or not to appear in the top 5 map pack search results.  We constantly update in real time to ensure Google Maps/Bing/Apple and the rest have consistent information to your location.  If any of these are not up to date – it will affect your map rankings.  We manage it all and send you reports.    

Reputation manager to convert more cases

Have a real human respond to your reviews and manage the acqusition of new and happy patients.  Stop paying several companies to do it all.  We manage everything in one place and all these features are included with every plan.  

Website Design / Overhaul Included 

If you need it, we will update or overhaul your existing website.  This is included as part of SEO packages and discussed during setup.  We consider this part of the on page  optimization service. If you are happy with your existing site, we make sure its optimized, foundationally strong and is found in search hundreds of keyword variations. 

Want to compete with those who rank in the top 10 and get more calls?

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With 10+ years experience helping practice owners gain their share of search. We know what to do.

  Multiple top page results

Results in maps, organic, people also ask, video, images and social.  If local traffic is looking for a dentist to help them – they will find you. Reinforce ads and campaigns with your site in the top 10.


 Managed listing accuracy

A major ranking factor in maps is accuracy of your addresss.  We manage everything and ensure you receive an A+ from the major listing directories. 


 More Calls & Emails

More calls and website forms being filled daily.  Be in the right places at the right times for those new patients moving into the local area.  


  Easy to use dashboards

Our dashboards were designed for people who have a non-technical background.  This means everything is super easy for humans to navigate and there is no IT team required. 


 Local Maps & Reputation

We manage and help you optimize your reputation with deep paragraph answers to help you acquire more cases due to hard proof of your competency. 


 Ai & human chat/text

Ai chatbot, text replies are all part of the Dentiza package.  Use technology to your advantage and get more patient FAQs answered while you place teeth. Save time and make staff happy. 


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How long does SEO take to work?

Search ranking is a marathon not a sprint. Following Google guidelines and posting good quality content is step one. Sharing of that content being across major authority sites shows you deserve to offer information on the first page. We follow a 200+ step process to ensure you are ranking (and hold) the ranking for years to come.

Are local maps and search results the same?

The difference between the two is A. Maps is the top area where patients can call you with one click and B. below that area where your web pages are found, video is ranked and FAQ's are answered. We optimize your site to appear in these areas multiple times. Example - you are found in maps as well as below in the list of websites.

Do you track organic conversions?

Yes all website forms, chats, text and phone calls are tracked and presented to your practice in an easy to use dashboard.

What is included?

All monthly content that's original and written by humans (not Ai). Video is created to reinforce as well as local maps management to rank your practice in the top 3 map pack.

What do you use for reporting?

Some of our clients use SemRush or Moz to compare our results. We include reporting dashboards so your don't have to pay these monthly costs. We include all reporting, keywords, heat maps and data you need to ensure you are getting a positive return.